10 Amazing Pop Songs & Ballads You May Have Missed


"The piano and bass are so soft and precious. Joy's ethereal voice will move anyone with a beating heart. This song is magic." ("Little Darling" from Tender City)

Huffington Post

"Joy Askew's latest, Drunk On You, is a near-perfect reflection of an artist who has talent to spare..." 


"Deftly produced by the artist herself, these songs sound warm, deep and roomy..."

Music Connection

"...you notice beautiful and clever touches of instrumentation and turns of phrase..." 

Elmore Magazine

"Drunk on You is her sixth album and it's a beautiful piece of work, every song is finely crafted and memorable.…"


Music and more (scrolll down on the page to #14):

"Askew has a voice perfectly suited for melodic indie rock and uses it to full effect on this 10 track release. The pitch perfect title track opens the set…"

IT (In Tune) 26 March 2012

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Some tunes reminisce about her youth: the simple, pre-smart-phone pleasures of “Knockin’ Around an Old Tin Can” and the jaunty title track, an homage to Askew’s own great aunts, which calls up rambling gardens and the aroma of home-baked bread. Others, like “Glass Bricks” (featuring Joe Jackson, who’s still in fine fettle) are more contemporary

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